Working with Shyloe has been the absolute most valuable pathway in finding true happiness and peace within myself and my life going forward! I highly recommend working with her.

Before working with Shyloe, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety completely controlled me…really for almost as long as I can remember.  I was extremely shy growing up and had never really felt comfortable in my own skin.  The biggest hurdle for me has been learning to love myself and most of all to be gentle with myself.  By working through Shyloe’s framework I am now confident, happy and have the tools I need to cope with any struggles that may come up.  I also have a new-found connection with God, which came as a big surprise during one of our sessions, but now I cannot imagine my life without him!

I am so grateful to Shyloe for her guidance and support navigating through these shattered parts of myself.  I am now able to fully feel, accept and let things go in order to finally experience some of that inner peace I had been longing for.  I am so happy I chose to invest in myself and this program because I can honestly say that I have internally transformed and am on the right track to fully evolving into my true self.

– L. Abolofia, Speech and Language Pathologist, Aurora, Colorado


A couple of years ago I did Shyloe’s program and at the time I began I was in the lowest point in my life. Through the months that followed I had a shift in so many areas in my thinking. I quit looking and blaming the past, I took responsibility, I realized I was in active addiction in many areas and I was shown ME. I knew I needed to be authentic in all things to be successful in relationships, my work…and my parenting! At the time I wasn’t fully ready to let all efforts at hiding go, but what I learned about myself stayed. Now 2 years past and I am at one of the best times in my life thus far. I am living in my truth knowing as long as I stay to my truth and live in my WHY…I am free. Thank you Shyloe for your intuitiveness and your gift of sincerely caring (and being a brave badass whom I am inspired by!)

– A. Tarsiuk, Photographer & Doula, Kamloops, BC & Winthrop, WA www.bohobirthcollective.ca


~ I don’t know where I would be without Shyloe! Before working with Shyloe I was lost. I couldn’t navigate my overwhelming feelings and I felt as though I was drowning in my own life. After working with Shyloe I feel strong; I am not only equipped to handle the adversities of life but can do so with a sense of peace and purpose. Shyloe’s unique and individualized techniques paired with her caring nature are a recipe for success! I am so glad I chose to invest in myself and this program. ~

– T. Sutter, Mother


Before I began working with Shyloe I was feeling rather a drift. I have a business but I felt a bit stuck in a rut with it and did not know how to breathe some fresh air into it. I knew I wanted to do more but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Also, there was a big decision with my family ranch and I have been struggling with it for years. I had not been able to break through and find answers for myself for what I wanted. Because of these two large things I felt as though I was just going through the motions of life. I was waiting for an external change that would give me the answers I wanted.

Working with Shyloe pushed me to face the fact that change needs to begin with self. She helped me become much more self-aware and not just coast on autopilot. She helped me find my voice and confidence. I finally was able to be honest with myself and listen to what I wanted/needed for once. Shyloe gave me amazing support and help as I broke through these many barriers I had put up.

Shyloe’s transformational process has given me many tools to continue to grow and deal with anything that comes up for me. I now have much more confidence in myself and I feel that my goals are not impossible. I know what I want and I feel I have the means to achieve my aspirations.

My biggest takeaway from this process was realizing I need to change. That in changing and becoming very clear with myself and what I wanted does make a difference. I also now do not have so much self-doubt and uncertainty. I feel worthy and have found a confidence in myself and who I am. I am finding it easier every day to be who I truly am and not who I think the world wants me to be.

Joann Haughian, Rancher & Farmer, Maple Creek, SK


I found Shyloe Fayad of Radical Wondering while listening to her interview on a favorite podcast. I was instantly attracted to her vitality, her sense of humor, and her direct manner of speaking.  I was equally excited and nervous to invest in her style of transformational life coaching.  I am so glad I said “yes” to this internal journey with her as my compassionate guide.  Shyloe creates a safe space to let go and dig deep within yourself with her unique style of questioning and intuitive guidance.

I hired Shyloe to help me move through a time of external transitions in my life with internal grace.  While working with Shyloe I gained greater self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and self-love.  During our time together I developed a framework to use as I navigate my relationships, my work, and my family. I even got my first coaching client!  I have come away from our time together feeling more confident and more connected to my authentic self.

Shyloe Fayad is the real deal.  If you’re willing she will take you on a journey of deep transformation.  It is not for the weak of heart, although she will guide you with an immense and loving heart along the way.  And, good humor, thankfully.  She isn’t afraid to look at your Sh**t with you.  Which took all the smelliness out of it.  Which allowed the story to change.  Which is why I came to her to begin with.  If you want to face your Sh**t straight on and love yourself while doing it then Shyloe’s your woman.  She has helped me become more ME!

– J. Gallucci, Creative Life Coach, Bainbridge Island, WA


Before working with Shyloe, I was in an pretty flat, uninspired place. I was an empty nester for the first time and although I was happy with aspects of my life such as my relationship and job, I was not happy with myself. I definitely lacked spark and confidence, and was almost at giving up mode with regards to my body weight and creative energy. I lacked the “doing” motivation when it came to embarking on any creative projects and  I was afraid to set any new goals towards fitness and weight loss, fearing  yet another failure.

Now after exploring my situation with Shyloe, I feel a renewed  sense of energy, commitment and vitality. I think the change began with the decision to work with Shyloe which was really a statement to myself that said “I am worth it”. For me this process hasn’t been like a crash diet, it has been a slow, steady change of coming back to life. I haven’t done everything perfectly according to plan so far, but what has changed is something more solid. The sense of renewal and deeper awareness I have come to, has not gone away and I am making changes that feel real and permanent in my life: I know the results will follow.

N. Wright, Comox Valley, BC


While working with Shyloe, I learned to settle into my body, relax and listen. In almost every session I was able to come to some clearer understanding of what I had been wrestling with. I feel deeply respected in the way she conducts the sessions. This also allows me to be more comfortable and confident in opening up to the wisdom that then seems to come forward from within.  Shyloe has helped  develop a completely new habit for me, to recognize and celebrate key moments or events in my life. A simple gift that I will now always appreciate.



I was happy with my experience working with Shyloe. Before our sessions began I was struggling with some relationship issues, as well as seeking to find clarity regarding my life purpose. I always left a session with Shyloe feeling upbeat and empowered; stronger. I am not sure why or how, but she had a way of

bringing me to the truth of me. I loved her guided meditation that she started her sessions with. I felt I could tap in easily to what I needed to work on after the meditation. It was really grounding.

Shyloe has a manner about her, that makes one feel quite comfortable. She approaches you like an equal; a friend…and has a humbleness about her that suggests she is still open to learning too. I like that. Despite all Shyloe’s obvious life experience, education, and the fact that she has worked on so much of her ‘sh*t’  she still has a humbleness about her, which to me suggests a more enlightened person, rather than someone pretending they have all the answers.

Her method of ‘wondering’  really brings a person back to their own innate knowing, which we all possess, rather than speaking as if we have the whole truth. I felt comfortable and genuinely cared for with Shyloe. I felt an increase in clarity, strength and confidence after completing her sessions. There were some very key realizations that confirmed my life purpose. I would go to Shyloe again, and I would, and have recommended her to others.

Thanks Shyloe, I love your style.

Clancy Moonbeam FitzGerald, Entrepreneur, Artist & Mama, www.facebook.com/clancymoonbeam


When I started using Radical Wondering I was confused and unsure of where to go with my career path. The pressure I was feeling felt almost insurmountable. Shyloe helped me compartmentalize my struggles and build a foundation on which to base the next chapter of my life. I found her services comforting, professional and inspiring. By the time I was finished with my sessions I had a much clearer understanding of the direction I need to take in order to achieve true success. I have already begun the path I was meant to take and I credit the services of Radical Wondering for pointing me in my optimum direction. Thank you.


Jason Schreurs, Freelance music journalist, Powell River, BC

Alternative Press, http://www.altpress.com, facebook: Jason Schreurs, twitter: @jasonschreurs


Before working with Shyloe I was on the same cycle for seven years, of experiencing overwhelm in the face of regular daily tasks. Being a stay-at-home mom, routine can be unpredictable at the best of times, and I was finding myself being easily irritated and angered by the constant needs of my family, and tending to my home. I felt I had no time to give to myself.

Something happened as soon as I started working with Shyloe; talking with her opened a doorway for me to step out of my self-created framework, and become curious about why I was frustrated all the time. I discovered that I had a lot of ideas about how my life should look and my perception was that I was not meeting those ideals. By coming into the present, and noticing what was actually happening in my daily life, I started to realize that I have a wonderful life, and that I am deeply happy and satiated by it, as it is. At the same time, I am more mindful about my needs for time, space and self-care, and able to claim those things without guilt because I am present, and satisfied with how I am nourishing my family.

Now, I feel more joyful than I have in a very long time.

Michèle Grenier, Artist & Mother, East Shore, Nelson, BC


Shyloe is a gifted facilitator. Using humour and an easy-going rapport with the audience, she channelled her vulnerability and keen insights towards providing each participant with a deeper understanding and appreciation of a rather ‘ordinary’ subject. I left Shyloe’s session with a greater awareness of how I can cultivate personal happiness every day – what a gift!

Paula Sobie,  Communications & Program Development, SelfDesign Learning Community


Need a Life Coach? Into-Me-See is how this lady rocks it! She is very familiar with anxiety, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Her skills in bringing about change in your life will astound you and you’ll will be writing new chapters in your story just like you always dreamed you could! Check out her Monday Morning Magic video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlPhT73VUoU She is captivating!

Life Coach wasn’t even in my vocabulary before I met Shyloe. In all honesty, I was looking for training for my own business not even realizing the issues that would have come up had I started my plans at that time. My motivation had fizzled, my confidence bucket drained and most days feeling overwhelmed and alone like many other women.

Fast forward to a few sessions into my journey with Shyloe and I started to feel myself awaken. She invited me up into intimate conversation and validated my loneliness and confusion.  My senses were stirred and I began to feel refreshed and empowered!

I am now seeing my dreams unfold and my business take shape. I am able to make more confident decisions and quiet my mind when anxieties start to creep in. Taking the time to love me, Cynthia, has had a ripple effect on those around me. My excelerated growth has changed the way I see my future. I have more life and freedom and my heart is being restored!

Thank you Shyloe for this graceful, unique and generous experience. We collided at just the right moment.

Cynthia Fehr, Writer, Entrepreneur, Medicine Hat, AB



Before working with Shyloe, I was feeling stuck with negative thoughts and some anxiety over trying new classes, having guests over to the house etc. That wasn’t me. I usually love learning and I like spending time with people I enjoy. This had been going on for a while, so when I heard Shyloe was speaking in Swift, I jumped at chance to see her!

I knew Shyloe and felt she could help me get out of this rut. I’m glad to say she gave me the tools to get on my way! Normally, my anxiety would be around an 11 if my partner wanted to have company over for dinner. I wouldn’t even agree to it. After working with Shyloe, my anxiety is a 2 or 1 and I only felt a bit of anxiety before our party. I am thinking differently. I feel calm, happiness and excitement and I haven’t felt that for a long time.

I feel much more confident and have actually taken some classes without the anxiety I may have felt before starting this journey thanks Shyloe!

Laurie Lloyd, Rancher & Farmer, Maple Creek, SK


Dear Shyloe,

Thank you for helping me meet my short-term goals and put into motion my longer-term goals. I am much better than when I started. I am now excited to look forward to my future!

You did a great job helping me figure out some things in my life that were distracting me. Now, I feel that I can do something and slowly move on.

I was always comfortable talking to you. All your advice and comments were clear and made total sense to me. Each time I’m anxious or stressed about something, I think about what we talked about during our sessions and it helps a lot. So thank you again and I also wish you all the best!


Subi Vaid, Global Minds, Regina, Saskatchewan

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