Radical Wondering evolved as an expression of who I am and how I move in this world.  I reached this sustained state of happiness and ease, not by avoiding the pain of my history, nor by clinging to the moments of joy, but by radically wondering about everything… every part of my life.  Settling in.  Hunkering down.  Discovering.  Uncovering.  Turning over rocks.  Digging deeper.  Using curiosity and an open heart to embrace the most challenging situations and experiences.  Bringing this open hearted space, this innocent curiosity, this radical wonder into my work, into my relationships, into my world.

My healing journey has been such a great success due to the radical wonder I practice in daily living.  It’s part of the exploration of my joy and my pain.  It’s an undercurrent that flows through me and informs all parts of my work.  I am not afraid.  I. Am. Not. Afraid.  Not afraid of your darkness nor of mine.  Not afraid of your brilliance nor of mine.  Simply, not afraid.  And that feels good.  That feels phenomenal, actually.  It is liberating, inspiring, motivating and earth shaking.

So, let’s get in there and see what we can find!  Are you with me?

Let’s Radically Wonder about everything!  Let’s do it… Together!

I know you want to… and so do I.



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