Turning Over Rocks & Digging Deeper

Turning Over Rocks & Digging Deeper

Turning Over Rocks.

Summer months on the prairies are spent primarily outdoors.  As winter seems to last nine months of the year, the three months of warmer weather are spent riding bikes, swimming at the pool and spending as much time as possible soaking up the sun (with the hope of storing enough vitamin D to last the winter).  Playing with my cousins, we would often come across a rock, about the size of a softball, partially buried in the ground.  Often, we would feel inspired, even compelled, to dig up the rock and turn it over.  A mixture of emotions immediately followed.  Squealing with delight and recoiling in disgust, we would stare wide eyed at the myriad of insects busily crawling around under the rock.  Usually, the assortment of creepy crawly things would scurry out of sight as soon as they were exposed to the light.

Digging Deeper.

I remember feeling a combination of excitement and fear as I observed the centipedes, worms and tiny beetles trying to find a place to hide.  I was utterly captivated by this discovery.  I remember watching for what seemed like a long time, waiting to see what would happen.  I wondered.  I wondered about all of it.  How could anything live under a rock?  It seemed impossible.  How did the insects get there in the first place?  How many were there?  What did they eat?  Where would they go once they ran away?  What was it about the light that made them so frantic?  If we put the rock back, would they be squashed? (That was one of my biggest concerns as I gingerly returned the rock to its original resting place)  I was entirely fascinated by all of this.  I was fascinated by what was happening beneath the surface.

Later, I realized, this activity from my childhood is how I learned to live my life.  The power behind “Turning Over Rocks & Digging Deeper” informed every part of who I am and shaped my healing journey.

Turning Over Rocks.


Digging Deeper.


Isn’t that scary?

Why yes!  Yes.  It most certainly is.

I was quite often scared by what I saw under a rock.  There can be a lot there.  I remember squinting, moving further back, feeling afraid, then curious, then delicately inching forward, taking in every detail of what I had uncovered, of what I had discovered, only to realize there was a beauty and an interesting captivation to this entire process.

Ahhh… Digging deeper.  Exposing these little creatures to the light.  Finding beauty in this experience.  Taking it all in… every single bit. Being still.




In time, what I saw no longer scared me.  I got over the shock.  The instant recoil was more quickly followed by curiosity, wonder and excitement.  I settled into this new space.  I spent time trying to understand what was being revealed to me.  I felt honoured to be part of the discovery of an entirely new world.  A place I had never seen, to which I had never been before. I surrendered to the moment. I offered all of myself to that moment. And in that moment, I felt free.

Turning over rocks.


Digging Deeper.


Radically Wondering.


That is what this is all about.  Radical Wondering.  Being brave.  Being bold.  Being alive. Turning over rocks.  Digging deeper.  Examining our lives.  Checking in.  Looking for meaning.

Is my life congruent with who I am?
What is it I truly want?
How am I going to get from here to there?

That’s Radical Wondering.  Asking hard questions.  Making new choices.  Taking risks. Discovering what fills us with light, with energy, with love and moving in that direction.

What drives you?
When do you feel most alive?
Where is the magic?

That is Radical Wondering.

And this concept is not just an individual practice. It extends out into the world, this idea of Turning over rocks, Digging deeper,  Radical Wondering. Exposing what needs shifting in our family, our friendships, our community, our culture, our society and in our world.

Radical Wondering.

It is the path of empowerment.
It is the path of fulfillment.
It is the path of love.

It is your path.

I wonder…

What are you Radically Wondering about today?

Go on.  Get on with it.  It is time.

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  1. Shyloe Fayad
    September 25, 2013

    Looking good, Staci! Oh YEEEEAAAAH…


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