This is what I know to be true.

You are worthy. You are valuable. You matter.   And yet, there are so few people who embody these beliefs. If the majority of people truly believed this was true, we would not have the discord we have on the planet.   Now, here is something else I know to be true.   If you […]

There comes a time in a woman’s life where she starts to give a whole lot less f-cks.

A time when she is prepared to speak her truth NO MATTER WHAT the consequence. The anger she feels exceeds her desire to be liked, approved of and seen as sexy. She is no longer under the spell of “what will everybody else think” and is now committed to what she thinks, what she knows, […]

Winning at Motherhood

Funny story.    (Isn’t that how all the good stories start?)   I’ve been a mom since I was 17 years old.    I dated my first love behind my mom’s back. She thought we were “just friends”. I wasn’t supposed to date until I was 18 years old. At which time, I was only […]

Sundays Are For Writing

Today, I have anxiety and angst. I’m not sure of the source. Could it be the global unrest? Could it be the pandemic? The recent murder of George Floyd and the subsequent riots? Could it be the missing and murdered Indigenous women all over North America? Who knows? All I know is that I am […]

“Don’t grow inward. Live beyond yourself” ~ Mike Penninga

  These words were spoken from the stage at church this morning. I specifically chose the word stage, rather than podium or pulpit, because our pastor, Mike Penninga, is quite the entertainer. He is on fire for Jesus. And I mean ON FIRE. And it’s catching.   Each and every week, I spend quite a […]

New Beginnings

This is not an easy blog post to write.   Simply because I am not entirely clear on what is going on inside myself.   This is a post about new beginnings.   That experience a couple weeks ago has awakened in me a new commitment to my own happiness. It has inspired inside of […]

My Ex showed up in my  life again.   And I am afraid.   I am scared I could be making a big mistake.   Because I love him deeply and I don’t want to get hurt.   Yup. That about sums it up.   This compiled with the fact I dated a liar liar […]

Connection heals.

You know what’s on my mind?   Connection.     That’s what’s on my mind.   Why?   Because connection is what truly heals.   Connection is the key to wellness.   I’ve finally fully surrendered into this truth and its implications.   Connection is the most powerful healer on this planet.   That’s a […]

And I feel fine…

… Feeling pretty psyched It’s the end of the world as we know it It’s the end of the world as we know it It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine… ~ R.E.M. It’s The End Of The World   Those lyrics came to mind as I sat […]

One Foot. Then the Other Foot. Repeat.

One Foot.  Then the Other Foot.  Repeat.

Truth be told, this “getting well” thing, finding wholeness amidst disaster and despair, was challenging. Much more than challenging, actually. Clearing myself of the daily barrage of feelings from the wreckage of my past was a full time endeavour. Holy shit it was intense! I fell chest deep in the mire at times, barely able […]

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