Connection heals.

You know what’s on my mind?





That’s what’s on my mind.




Because connection is what truly heals.


Connection is the key to wellness.


I’ve finally fully surrendered into this truth and its implications.


Connection is the most powerful healer on this planet.


That’s a fact.






Connection can only be created through lived experience.


It is not something that exists in your head, it has to be felt with your body.


That part is important.


And this part is important, too.


As a society, we’ve cut ourselves off at the neck. We live in our heads. We spend countless hours immersed in our thoughts. And to top this off, we value the printed word and the opinions of “professionals” above all else, including our own inner voice.



We’ve become entirely disconnected from our bodies.


Instead, we’ve become addicted to knowledge, which has no real meaning without personal experience.


And that’s a fact, too.


The vast majority of human beings invest an immense amount of time, energy and money in knowledge. Knowledge. Say what? Yes, knowledge. In this society, in this culture, knowledge is god.


And I can relate. Of course, I can. Because for a long time, knowledge was what I used to navigate my life. I relied on the power of my intellect, the power of my mind. I believed my mind was the most reliable source of information when it came to making decisions, engaging in relationships, moving forward in my life. That is what I used to believe.




Knowledge is not a thing!


Whoa! I am blowing your mind, right?


Let’s break it down, folks. Your mind was designed to be hyper vigilant for problems. It’s bias is one of negativity. It LOVES to ruminate on the past. It LOVES to keep you right where you are in this very moment. It LOVES predicatability and comformity.


So what does that mean?


It means using your mind to navigate your life without the direct and immediate involvement of your heart and soul will lead to your destruction.


That’s also a fact.


Or rather, it is the my lived experience and I imagine it is your lived experience, too.


Come on. Just think about it for a moment.


You mind will most often stop you from heading the wisdom of your inner guide and your intuition. It’s a real buzz kill. Or it can be the opposite. It can create an eternal buzz. Neither or which is ideal.


Bowing down to the altar of the mind is not the way to find your way in Earth School, ladies and gentlemen.


There is another way.


You can navigate your life and your healing by using your lived experience. Your lived experience is the best proof of what works and what does not work for you. Your lived experience will bring you out of your head and into your body. Your lived experience will reveal to you what is real and good and true in this world.


So when I tell you connection heals, I say this from personal experience. I say this from my lived experience.


I was deeply depressed for 20 years after having grown up in a household steeped in addiction, sexual abuse and so much more (how could there be more, you wonder? Ha ha ha ha… I know, right???)


My life was radically altered when I made a commitment to connection in all areas of my life.


I found my groove. I found my joy. I found my place in this world. And I am happy.


And this happiness lasts.


IMG_1642“Connection is the currency of wellness.” ~ Dr. John Travis, MD


Connection is the foundation of the work I do because IT WORKS. It’s the missing link in our journey towards wellness.




Because we have been fed a BIG FAT LIE.


And that lie goes something like this….


In order to be truly evolved, truly whole, truly healed, truly happy, you need to be able to be entirely and completely self sufficient. You need to slug through your life making the hard decisions based on the reasoning of your mind. You need to make sure you have all the pros and cons lined up. You need to shut down the longing of your heart.


Well, that’s bullshit.


You may be taught that the true measure of your physical, emotional and spiritual health is demonstrated your ability to be independent. The degree by which you can navigate your life on your own shows how well you are doing on all levels.


Well, that is a LOAD OF CRAP, too.


Let’s take a look at highly successful people. These individuals are often revered because they are so highly independent. They have the ability to achieve beyond normal standards and seem to do so all alone. (“Wow! How does she get all of that accomplished? She’s such a powerhouse! And she does it all on her own! She’s so independent and strong!! What an amazing woman!!”, as opposed to, “Oh look at her! She is so amazing! So connected to herself and others. She’s got a huge community and that’s what helped her create such massive success.”… see what I mean?)


FYI, those highly successful people, who are doing it all by themselves, are often miserable and feel a deep sense of loss inside. That’s what I see in my own highly successful clients. They have a deep desire to reconnect with a part of themselves they lost along the way.


They desire connection.


Connection with themselves

Connectin with another

Connection with something bigger than themselves


Nobody wants to admit it.

At least, nobody in North America.



We actually need each other.


That’s a thing.


We were not meant to navigate this sh*t show calling living all by ourselves


That is bullshit.


And some kind of patriarchal lie.

Maybe I can’t blame this one on the patriarchy, but I have a feeling there is a correlation.

Or at least there is a correlation to capitalism.

Wait. Now, I’m getting outta my league.




All this to say that connection is a thing.


It’s a big thing.


Connection will bring you absolutely everything you desire in your life and so much more.


Trust me.


That’s what it did for me.




The best this about this is that connection is available to everyone!


Connection is available to everyone!

We can start simply.

We can start right here.

We can start by deepening our connection with ourselves.


And that goes a little bit like this.


Get present.

Start noticing your life.




Shall I say that a third time?


Start noticing your f*cking life.


You can do this by moving out of your head and into your heart.


You can do this by describing to yourself what you are doing in this very moment.


I am sitting at my computer writing a blog post.


I am in a restaurant that smells like artificial maple syrup.


My back is hurting because of how my computer is positioned at the table.


Hold on. Gonna fix that.

As I was saying…


The best way to start your journey towards more connetion is by connecting with yourself first.




And this is best done by noticing.


Come on.


You can do it.


Right here.

Right now.


Give it a try.


What do you notice?


Let me know. I am here to help.


Let’s get this party started.

Riiiiiiiiiight now.





  1. Meghan
    November 26, 2017

    Shyloe, you make me laugh. It’s funny ’cause it’s true. Good stuff.- Meghan


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