There comes a time in a woman’s life where she starts to give a whole lot less f-cks.

A time when she is prepared to speak her truth NO MATTER WHAT the consequence.

The anger she feels exceeds her desire to be liked, approved of and seen as sexy.

She is no longer under the spell of “what will everybody else think” and is now committed to what she thinks, what she knows, what she wants to do, above all else.


It’s at this time in a woman’s life that she realizes she’s lost a part of herself along the way. She realizes she has to become a priority. She is desperate to find her way back to herself.


That time happened for me last year, after I burned out.


Let’s talk about burnout, ladies.


Let’s take a really good look at it.


I didn’t believe in burnout. I thought burnout was for people who were lazy. My cure for burnout was simple: get over yourself, try harder and push through.


That mentality was part of my life motto. Do or die. All or nothing.


It’s what got me all the success I had in my life… on the outside.


It’s also what got me all the anxiety, discontent and irritability I had in my life… on the inside.


You can’t fool me all you overachieving, highly driven women.


I see you. I know you. I was you.


But then, I got physically ill.


(after experiencing a kind of nameless illness of the psyche for years: anxiety, depression, self loathing, numbness, etc…)


Laying flat on my back, incapacitated by anxiety, depression and a deep bone weariness, I had to shake the all or nothing attitude. I had to admit that I didn’t truly love myself, as I preached before. I actually didn’t like myself that much at all. That’s how I ended up burned out.


Here this!


You don’t have to get sick, to get better.

You don’t have to manifest an auto immune disorder.

You don’t have to have an affair.

You don’t have to get a divorce.


You can choose to start taking care of your insides, so you can feel better about yourself, your work, you life and so much more.


You can make that choice anytime.  


You can make that choice today.


You can change your life.❤️


You can do it.


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