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Wondering Out Loud

Sharing Love, Truth & Liberation

Feeling so depressed for so long was really really hard.   I don’t remember feeling happy often growing up. I don’t actually have any memories of happiness after about age 11. I grew up in a very toxic environment, but I didn’t know that, because everything looked good on the outside.   That’s something that […]

Praise for Radical Wondering

Sharing the Love

  • Working with Shyloe pushed me to face the fact that change needs to begin with self. She helped me become much more self-aware and not just coast on autopilot. She helped me find my voice and confidence. 

    - Joann Haughian, Rancher & Aromatherapist, Maple Creek, SK
  • Working with Shyloe has been the absolute most valuable pathway in finding true happiness and peace within myself and my life going forward! I highly recommend working with her.


    - Lexi Abolofia, Speech and Language Pathologist, Aurora, Colorado
  • Marilyn Lovejoy, Homeschooling Mama & Avid Coffee Drinker

    Our family was lucky enough to work closely with Shyloe over the past three years. Shyloe’s joy, enthusiasm, and happiness, as well as her compassion for and interest in our family and our journey was astounding. Our family was greatly impacted by Shyloe and we grew much stronger thanks to her presence in our lives.

    - Marilyn Lovejoy, Homeschooling Mama & Avid Coffee Drinker
  • Paula Sobie, Communications & Program Development

    Shyloe is a gifted facilitator. Using humour and an easy-going rapport with the audience, she channelled her vulnerability and keen insights towards providing each participant with a deeper understanding and appreciation of a rather ‘ordinary’ subject. I left Shyloe’s session with a greater awareness of how I can cultivate personal happiness every day – what a gift!


    - Paula Sobie, Communications & Program Development
  • Li Peterson, SelfDesign Learning Consultant

    Shyloe is such a passionate and dynamic speaker. Her words are rooted in her truth and in her commitment to bettering her self and finding peace on her journey. She is an inspiration to listen to and you will leave her talk with a wealth of tips and pertinent information that can help you make positive changes now in your own life


    - Li Peterson, SelfDesign Learning Consultant
  • Addi Strasser, Holistic Healer

    Just had another amazing session with Transformative Life Coach, Shyloe Fayad. If you are ready for some real growth and empowerment, she is your girl. 


    - Addi Strasser, Holistic Healer

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